About Us

Bowie is an investment management firm, serving as your strategic partner to manage financial assets. By drawing on our collective experiences investing across multiple asset classes and exercising sound judgment, Bowie distills the complexity of financial markets into a timeless investment program.

Grow with Bowie


Cory buys his first stock ($700 in Nike with a $50 trading commission) in Bowie, TX. A passion for markets is born.


Takes lead in managing family watermelon brokerage business (W-Melons). Real-life experience learning key business principles early.


  • Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. As a commanding officer one learns to value team work and attention to detail.
  • PwC accounting internship. We love accounting and know that balance sheets and earnings power matter.


NYC investment banking. Building technical skills still used with the analyst team today. Understanding the dynamics of Wall Street.


NYC private equity. Deep fundamental research into a company, capital markets, and the limits of financial leverage.


Harvard Business School. The case study method broadens knowledge, but the relationships formed are most important.


Perot. Privileged to work for one of the world’s greatest businesspersons and family while investing in all asset classes and deal-making, learning from a terrific investor and deal-maker.


  • Bowie Capital Management established as a family office investment platform
  • Granted SEC Investment Adviser Registration
  • Launched Bowie Capital Partners, LP, a public equity private investment partnership, with $87M, to allow other partners to invest alongside Cory and our anchor families


  • 1st Equity SMA custom built for an anchor family to augment their allocation to Bowie Capital Partners, using the same Bowie frameworks and process but with a client specific request for a global equity income focus overlay


  • Bowie Capital Partners, LP introduces additional investor friendly terms including a scaling down management fee, to participate in Bowie Capital’s growth
  • Bowie Health VC, LP launched providing an opportunity for Bowie partners to participate in a VC opportunity, Clover Health


  • 2nd Equity SMA for another anchor family using Bowie frameworks and process, but with a client specific request for a more concentrated, focused equity overlay and CODA plan (Committed and Opportunistic Dollar-Cost Average).
  • 5 year anniversary for Bowie Capital. Firm reaches $380M of total Equity AUM in Partnership and SMAs


  • 1st institutional Equity SMA for a well-known and respected Endowment after 5 years due diligence
  • Firm crosses another milestone and ends the year with $696M total Equity AUM in Partnership and SMAs


  • Bowie Health VC, LP investment Clover Health went public via a SPAC transaction

Meet Cory Whitaker

Cory established Bowie with the dream of building a foundational investment portfolio for clients that would combine his past experiences at premier investment firms with sound judgement and the forward thinking necessary to navigate markets in the modern world.

A former portfolio manager and current Advisory Board Director for Petrus Trust, the family office of Ross Perot; Cory is a graduate of Texas A&M and Harvard Business School. He grew up in Bowie, Texas, the namesake of the firm.


Meet Our Team


At Bowie, stewarding capital and our clients through complex financial markets is our vocation. With an unrelenting pursuit of excellence, we aim to provide our clients the dual goal of outperformance and peace of mind.
That is why we designed Bowie with the self-reinforcing frameworks of Investment Excellence and Client Confidence.

Our team operates with a performance-oriented culture. We want to protect our client’s financial well-being for today and grow their financial wherewithal to impact society and meet the challenges of tomorrow. We aspire to use our talents to make a notable difference in our client partners’ lives.

We take great pride in delivering an elevated client experience and constantly earn your trust. We are passionate about understanding your objectives and your situation. We employ modern systems and tools. Our team comprises thoughtful individuals with an innate sense of responsibility. We serve others through our diligence, hard work, good judgment, and sharing our time-honored mental frameworks.

Our Guiding Principles

Bowie holds itself to the highest standards and pursues our mission in a principle-based manner.
When you hear “Bowie”, we hope you think of excellence performed with integrity.

Operate as a team while respecting the uniqueness of the individual. We develop and cultivate the strengths of each team member and flourish when combining those strengths as a group to solve complex problems.

We make decisions based upon analytical frameworks, diligence and thoughtfulness. We continuously think about how to mitigate risks we envision while capitalizing on opportunities we uncover.

We believe investing is a continuous process to help clients adapt to changing circumstances and an evolving world. We accept the reality that there are difficult periods in the economy and remain true to our strategy, believing opportunity always lies within difficulty.

We learn and build new frameworks to evaluate the world and investments. By exercising creativity, we have built an organization that adapts to markets and the needs of clients, all while pursuing a timeless sensible strategy.

Our intellectual honesty helps us discover new ways to approach a problem for our clients or our portfolio. We have the courage to trust our process and frameworks and invest in a manner that may at times be quite different than how most approach the world.

We want to own companies of the highest quality with a perpetual quest to grow their capabilities. Bowie conducts itself in the same manner – the relentless pursuit of better.

We want to treat our clients, team members, and service partners fairly and with respect. We want all associated with Bowie to be proud of being part of something special.

Who We Invest For

We Partner with Quality Individuals and Institutions

Bowie invests for a core group of knowledgeable ultra-high-net-worth individuals, family offices, university endowments, and foundations. We operate with a unique collaborative approach with our partners, building deep and long-lasting relationships. We invest alongside you and align our interests with yours.

Whether you are a first-generation wealth creator whose time is better spent running your business or an institution whose sole focus is managing and evaluating investment strategies, you want an investment strategy built upon underlying business fundamentals, not random stock picking with no cohesive plan. You want to be confident your capital survives market and economic downturns, while also capturing the upside as assets tend to rise in value over many years with a growing and advancing world. You want to own a collection of the world’s best businesses. You want that portfolio meticulously crafted and monitored by a world class team who demonstrates impeccable judgement, is diligent and thoughtful in its decision making, and exhibits the consistency and discipline necessary to stay the course.

You want Bowie Capital as your foundational investment.

First Generation Wealth Creators

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Successful entrepreneurs who sold their business to a Fortune 500 company.
The life-changing liquidity event was a realization of a decade of hard work, but now what? Not wanting the burden or expense of building out a family office and managing staff, the client engaged Bowie to serve as their outsourced investment office, leveraging our established infrastructure and expertise. Together, we created a bespoke plan to reinvest the proceeds from their main asset into a collection of high quality assets. They remain business owners - but instead of just owning the one company they sold, they now own a diversified portfolio of 20-30 well-established companies as a passive owner with liquidity.

Family Office

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An established family office with the goal of maximizing wealth creation for both future generations and philanthropic initiatives.
Attracted to the prospect of owning a foundational investment in a collection of great companies, our openness and collaborative approach with their team blossomed into a mutually beneficial partnership. Bowie’s frameworks, consistency and long-term mindset afforded the family the confidence to dollar-cost average into the portfolio in a material way over the years. Bowie now serves as a pillar of their overall portfolio now.


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A highly respected, multi-billion dollar endowment with decades of experience and knowledge in building investment strategies.
After a multi-year diligence process, the combination of strong returns with the consistency in executing our strategy provided the confidence to entrust us with a portion of their capital. Bowie has unrivaled long-term capital, and thus we uniquely met the endowment’s need for a multi-decade investment horizon. By providing a concentrated position in quality companies carefully selected by our frameworks, the endowment is set-up for long-term disciplined compounding because together we have the wherewithal to stay the course regardless of the market environment.